Explained In 2023: Does aok cover wisdom teeth removal?

does aok cover wisdom teeth removal

Does AOK cover wisdom teeth removal in 2023? Yes, AOK provides coverage through statutory insurance for wisdom teeth removal if it is medically necessary, dental treatment is required due to an accident, and covers basic dental fillings.

In this article, AOK works for dentistry in this way; all its aspects have been highlighted, so here you will get all the specific information related to it, which will help you to successfully complete your dental work.

If you want to know how AOK works with wisdom teeth removal, then all this information is helpful.

The specialty of this article is that it also tells you how dental insurance works in Germany so that you can get maximum reimbursement for yourself while making a claim and not make any mistakes in the process. Please read the article to get the correct information.

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Can I get insurance in AOK even if I have a chronic illness?

When can I receive sickness benefit through AOK?

How do I get the benefits of AOK Insurance if I become unwell?

How do I get coverage from my AOK insurance provider?

Do I get social security if I am unemployed?

How much do I have to contribute to statutory medical insurance?

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You must know the essential keys: ”does AOK cover wisdom teeth removal?” 

Curious: If you are a German citizen and an AOK member or are considering switching your policy to the AOK and are curious to know how AOK provides coverage for wisdom teeth removal or other dental procedures? Then in this part, you will get all the accurate information related to it. 

Expatriate: If you are an expatriate working in Germany or studying in Germany. This section also provides information on how AOK will prioritize coverage of your dental procedures depending on your situation.

Who is AOK?

Statutory medical insurance providers: AOK is one of Germany’s statutory medical insurance providers in Germany, successfully operating for over 130 years; it is also a part of the public health insurance system in Germany. AOK providers must provide a minimum level of coverage for certain medical services, including dental care.

What does medically necessary (wisdom teeth removal) mean?

Medically necessary means that the procedure is required to stop more oral issues or to relieve discomfort. This could apply to the removal of wisdom teeth and include. Otherwise, your general health would be negatively impacted. This condition is considered medically necessary.:

1. Impacted teeth: If your wisdom teeth are impacted—that is, unable to fully erupt from the gums—you may need to have them extracted to avoid infection, discomfort, or harm to neighboring teeth.

2. Crowding: In order to avoid misalignment or harm to other teeth, wisdom teeth that are overcrowding your mouth may need to be extracted.

3. Infection: To avoid additional harm, wisdom teeth that are inflicting infection or inflammation on your gums or other teeth may need to be extracted.

4. Decay: Your wisdom teeth may be more susceptible to decay if they are difficult to clean. In order to avoid further dental issues, you should have them extracted.

Do I get coverage through AOK if my wisdom teeth get damaged in an accident?

Yes, if your wisdom teeth get damaged in an accident, then you get coverage through statutory medical insurance as per the method of dentistry.

The main reason for this is that statutory medical insurance covers accidents.

Does AOK provide cosmetic procedure for wisdom teeth?

No. AOK does not cover wisdom teeth for cosmetic procedures because cosmetic dental procedures are not medically necessary.

Does AOK pay for the drilling and filling of wisdom teeth?

When your wisdom teeth require drilling and filling. In this situation, AOK pays for this dental treatment, but the amount paid is for standard filling material.

For example, composite fills tailored to your specific drilling and filling requirements are not part of the standard treatment, so you must pay for these additional costs out of your pocket.

Does AOK cover dental care?

Yes, AOK pays the cost of dental care.

Does AOK provide coverage for dental prosthesis?

If your wisdom teeth are damaged and need to be replaced with an artificial tooth, AOK offers a specific allowance for the artificial tooth, but it is based on findings.

All defined fixed allowances are as per a specific guideline and are the same for all health care insurance. This means that all insured people are reimbursed for the same diagnosis by their health insurance company.

As a rule, the allowances provide coverage of 60% of the medically necessary treatment. Personal allowance increases if you have regular dental maintenance and check-ups.

In addition, you also receive specific allowances for crowns and bridges if a high-quality treatment is desired.

What is the bonus rule of AOK for dental prosthesis?

This rule reduces the portion of the cost of dental prostheses (wisdom teeth) you pay if you have a regular dental check-up and proven preventive examinations, increasing your fixed allowance to 70 to 75%.

Proof of this rule requires you to document your regular dental check-up in your bonus booklet when you visit your dentist.

Does AOK provide coverage for dental early diagnosis checkups for children?

AOK understands the need for children’s dental care and ensures that it provides coverage for dental examinations through early diagnostic screening for orthodontic and oral diseases.

AOK conducts a comprehensive prophylaxis program for children and youth. Your child receives 6 dental checkups from birth 6 months and up to age 6.

Note: The cost is paid by AOK until your child is 18 years old.

An expat or student must know the essential keys: ”does AOK cover wisdom teeth removal?” 

It is necessary to have statutory medical insurance to work in Germany. If you are a foreign citizen, then you should take statutory medical insurance with top priority. The fact that you cannot obtain a residence permit in Germany in the absence of this is another important factor.

If you are a foreign student and want to study in Germany, in this scenario you must show the statutory medical insurance to your university for registration in any institute or university.

In this section, necessary information related to statutory medical insurance for foreign citizen and foreign students is being provided as well as how AOK works for you.

Are EU citizens also required to have statutory medical insurance?

Yes, statutory health insurance is mandatory for EU citizens as well. EU citizens are covered by European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

And after registering in Germany, you must take statutory medical insurance. The same applies to EU students.

Does AOK statutory medical insurance provide the same services for foreign citizens and students as German citizens?

Yes, AOK statutory medical insurance provides one type of services to all its customers whether they are German citizens or foreign citizens.

How dental insurance works in Germany?

Here is a detailed description of how dental insurance works in Germany to help foreign citizens and international students understand how dental insurance works.

If you are a foreign national or international student and you want to get coverage for complex work like wisdom teeth removal, then in this case, it is possible to get it through private health insurance (private Krankenverischerung).

This insurance gives you 100% coverage for maximum major dental work.  But before starting the treatment, you should ask your dentist about the estimated cost of the medical work and then get approval for the dental work from your insurer.

One thing to note here is that your insurance may have an exclusion policy which means that if you get any dental work done within the range of exclusion policy then you will have to pay the cost out of your pocket.

I want to make the reader aware that your insurance policy may have an exclusion for anything like this. That implies that you will be required to pay out of pocket for dental treatments if you receive any dental treatment that falls within the exclusion policy’s parameters.

On the contrary, if you are in Germany and you have statutory medical Insurance, and you want to get coverage for wisdom teeth removal, then it is impossible; the main reason is that statutory medical Insurance provides coverage only for basic dental work, as shown below.

  • Dental check-ups every six months
  • Basic fillings
  • Teeth cleaning / scaling (Zahnsteinentfernung) once per year

What is the source of getting emergency dentist in Germany?

You can find an emergency dentist through the website shown here Zahnärztlicher Notdienst.

Best Dental Insurance Tips in Germany:

Frequently Ask Questions about “does aok cover wisdom teeth removal” are commonly asked by people.

How much do I have to contribute to statutory medical insurance?

If you have statutory medical insurance in Germany and a higher earning potential, you must pay a higher premium than those with lower earnings.

The statutory medical insurance contribution comprises the normal contribution rate of 14.6% and is a supplementary contribution. From 2019 your employer is legally obliged to meet 50% of these costs plus all costs related to the supplementary contribution involved.

How do I get coverage from my AOK insurance provider?

When you are registered with AOK statutory medical insurance, AOK provides you with the answer; when you receive the answer, you should inform your empire immediately in this scenario. From that moment, your medical insurance contribution is paid by your employer from your salary, and your insurance now covers you.

What should motivate you to choose your insurance?

You should not choose your insurance provider solely based on your monthly contribution; instead, you should look at the special services your insurance provider is providing you and your access to these services and claims on these how easy it would be for you.

Do regional differences exist in the health care system in Germany?

The best thing about the German healthcare system is that every insured person is entitled to all medically necessary services, and equality is seen in every region in reaching medical services to every person; because of this, there is no regional variation in healthcare in Germany.

Do I get social security if I am unemployed?

In Germany, it is legally mandated that every worker and trainee has statutory unemployment insurance. It provides social security to the workers or trainees when they are laid off or looking for an extended job. This social security program is funded by contributions from employers and policyholders.

How do I get the benefits of AOK Insurance if I become unwell?

Once you become a member of AOK, you receive a health insurance card. You must present this to your dentist or doctor during your medical treatment and this health insurance card to pay for pharmacy or hospital bills, but you may have to pay an extra amount for some additional services.

Can I get insurance in AOK even if I have a chronic illness?

Yes, if you are suffering from any chronic disease, then even in this situation, you are covered under AOK’s insurance plan, so the treatment of your chronic disease continues normally. You will continue to get the necessary medicines related to your medical treatment, so in Germany, while continuing your treatment, you have to present the AOK health insurance card to your doctor.

When can I receive sickness benefit through AOK?

Your entitlement to sickness benefits starts when your doctor certifies you are unfit for work. In the case of hospital treatment, it begins from the day you enter the hospital.

Employed workers continue to receive their wages during the first six weeks they are unfit for work. Individuals receiving unemployment benefits continue to receive their allowance payments from the employment agency for that period.

AOK pays sickness benefits only when you submit to AOK a certificate from your doctor that you are unfit for work during this period. You are required to inform AOK within one week.

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