Best ways in 2023: How do I get braces as a foreign student in Germany?

how do i get braces as a foreign student in germany

How do I get braces as a foreign student in Germany? Yes, in Germany, foreign students can get braces: they can do it in two ways through insurance and without insurance.

Dental procedures (braces) are expensive without insurance, and not everyone can afford the cost. Hence, it is economical to get their coverage through insurance, whether it is partially or completely.

This article has explained how foreign students can get braces using the forms mentioned earlier, and here all its dimensions are covered.

Note: Article Highlights

How can foreign students get dental braces service in Germany without insurance?

How can foreign students get dental braces service in Germany with insurance?

What is the amount of coverage for braces and dental treatment through health insurance?

How many insurance options does a foreign student have when living in Germany?

How to get insurance in Germany as a foreign student?

How can a foreign student avoid making an upfront payment in Germany?

Is there any age limit for student private health insurance?

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How many insurance options does a foreign student have when living in Germany?

You must know the essential keys:”How do I get braces as a foreign student in Germany?” 

One of the best: Dental services in Germany are one of the best in the whole world and Europe. If you are looking to get dental procedures (braces) done here, then it is sure that you will get a high-quality dental procedure. 

Affordable: Here are some important aspects of dental procedures (braces) in Germany that you should know before going for dental procedure treatment. Knowing these, you will be able to choose the dental procedure that is affordable for you.

Annual: If you want to get dental treatment (braces) done in Germany, then you have one of the best options in the form of insurance. Apart from dental treatment, you also get dental procedures, which are annual.

How can foreign students get dental braces service in Germany without insurance?

Affordable: Foreign students can get better and affordable dental procedures (braces) for themselves by following the procedures mentioned below:

Specific knowledge: There is a good probability that, as an international student studying in Germany, you will not have specific knowledge about the top dental clinics around your residence area. You must first find about them.

Quality and services: After selecting the best dental clinic, you should list all these. Following that, you should gather information about the dental treatment quality and services provided by each of them. It will ensure that you get high-quality dental care.

Compare the cost: The cost of dental treatment braces procedures without insurance can be exorbitant. So now you should compare the cost of dental treatment procedures available in different dental clinics with each other. After comparing the costs, you should go for the affordable braces.

Discount: You should also find out whether a dental clinic can offer a discount for your braces. To get this information, you should talk to the official person of each dental clinic. You can do this work by visiting their website or calling the phone.

How can foreign students get dental braces service in Germany with insurance?

Quality dental treatment: You are a foreign student and want to get quality dental treatment (braces) in Germany with insurance. Then in this scenario you should know how insurance works in Germany.

Suitable way: By adopting this process, the foreign student has the advantage that he will be able to find a suitable way for his dental treatment (braces).

Note 1: The information below explains how insurance and dental insurance works in Germany to help you make an informed decision.

Note 2: The information shown below is important for foreign students, so study it carefully, by doing this you will not face any problem in future.

There are two types of insurance in Germany:

1. Statutory Insurance

2. Private Insurance

1. Statutory Insurance: Statutory insurance covers braces dental treatment if medically necessary. But there is a slim chance that a person’s braces are medically required. 

Not cover: Braces are a cosmetic dental procedure, so statutory insurance does not cover it. Majorly not all insurance companies provide coverage for cosmetic dental procedures.

Statutory Insurance provides coverage for the following dental treatment procedures:

1. Dental check-ups every six months

2. Basic fillings

3. Scaling once per year/ Teeth cleaning

2. Private Insurance: Private insurance provides up to 100% coverage of dental braces procedures. How it works is shown below:

Health insurance: It also provides coverage for dental treatment procedures (braces) if you have health insurance. 

Reimbursed: The percentage of dental treatment procedures (braces) you will get reimbursed through your health insurance depends on your policy. 

Waiting periods: Dental treatment procedures (braces) through private health insurance may have a waiting period.

Pay: The Waiting period is when you have to pay the cost out of your pocket if you get any kind of dental treatment.

Example: Let’s say you get dental treatment through your health insurance. And your health insurance waiting period is 2 months.

Before: Now, if you take any kind of dental treatment before these 2 months, you will have to bear all the cost from your pocket in this scenario.

Note: The Waiting period may vary from insurance company to insurance company.

Additional dental insurance: If you need complete braces coverage for your dental treatment, then additional dental insurance helps you in this task.

Additional: You can get additional coverage through further dental treatment; by doing this, you can provide coverage to suit the cost of dental treatment procedures.

Pre-existing dental disease:  If you have a pre-existing dental condition, your privet health insurance also provides coverage.

Depend: How much coverage will be available for pre-existing dental disease depends on your health insurance policy.

A foreign student must know the essential technical insurance factors:”How do I get braces as a foreign student in Germany?” 

Different ways: Insurance companies operate in different ways in different countries. Because of this, you get to see different insurance policy guidelines in different countries.

Nature: This happens because the geographical nature of different countries is different. Along with this, the economic structure of different countries also varies.

Technical aspects: In this section, foreign students will learn about the technical aspects of dental insurance in Germany.

What is the amount of coverage for braces and dental treatment through health insurance?

Coverage: How much coverage you will get for braces through health insurance depends on your insurance policy. The higher the premium of your insurance policy, the more coverage you get for braces.

How many insurance options does a foreign student have when living in Germany?

Options: If you are a foreign student living in Germany. Then you have three insurance options, as shown below:

1. Foreign student’s country insurance: You can also get coverage for braces through your country’s health insurance. But your health insurance is recognized in Germany.

2. Through statutory insurance 

3. Through private insurance

How to get insurance in Germany as a foreign student?

Submission: You are living in Germany, and if you are a foreign student, then you will get insurance on the submission of the below-mentioned documents. These are shown below:

1. Certificate of registration

2. Valid ID, such as a passport (not a driving license)

3. IBAN for your German bank account

4. Recent passport photo

If you have taken private health insurance, you must undergo a medical examination in this scenario.

You have to take a printout of all your mandatory documents. And you have to sign each document.

After this, you must post all the documents to your insurance provider.

You will receive a certificate of insurance within a few weeks, Based on your chosen insurance.

When you get the certificate of mind, it must be submitted to your university for enrollment.

How can a foreign student avoid making an upfront payment in Germany?

Through health insurance card: When you have health insurance in Germany, you are issued a health insurance card.

You must present this health insurance card to your dentist, pharmacy, doctor, and hospital. This allows them to ensure that you are covered by insurance. And saves you from having to pay upfront.

Is there any age limit for student private health insurance?

If you are a foreign student living in Germany. The age limit for private health insurance is 30 years. But there can be some exceptions to this, sometimes it is available to the students in some odd circumstances.

Being an overseas student if you are not accepted by the statutory insurance scheme In this situation. Statutory insurance must be equivalent to or equal to the coverage provided by law.

EDUCARE 2 is a better option for foreign students to get additional coverage. It gives you personal liability insurance and travel health insurance.

How insurance works in Germany with an EU foreign student?

If you are an EU foreign student, you are covered in Germany through the European Health Insurance Card.

Once a foreign student has registered in Germany. You must have health insurance even. If you are an EU citizen.

If you are a citizen of the European Union. In this case, your country’s health insurance policy may cover Germany.

But for this, a necessary condition applies that your insurance company whose policy you have has an agreement with Germany, so you should make sure that.

How do I find an orthodontist who speaks my language if I am a foreign student?

if you are an international student residing in Germany. In order to locate an orthodontist who speaks your native tongue. How to do this is shown below.

1. You should get in touch with your embassy and inquire if they have a directory of suggested dentists that can speak your language.

2. You should look into an orthodontist who speaks your language online.

3. You should contact your insurance provider or the German Orthodontic Society for this task. Ask them if they have a list of orthodontists who speak your language.

What can I expect during my initial consultation with an orthodontist?

During the consultation with Orthodontics for braces you can expect the following dental treatment technical issues are shown below:

1. Orthodontists make a detailed plan for braces dental procedure. It is as follows: x-rays, teeth impressions, and teeth measurements.

2. The orthodontist will go over the various braces options, potential risks, and benefits of the procedure.

3. They will also discuss the time frame of braces dental procedures and the cost of the treatment.

Best Dental Insurance Tips in Germany:

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Frequently Ask Questions about “How do I get braces as a foreign student in Germany” are commonly asked by people.

How much do tooth braces cost in Germany?

The cost of braces depends on the choice you make. There are following types of braces. It is shown below:
1. Metal braces
2. Ceramic braces
3. Lingual braces
4. Self-ligating braces
Usually for braces conventional metal trend is more if you choose conventional metal braces  then its cost ranges from €2,500 (Over $3,000 ) to around €5,000 (Over $6,000).
If you opt for other type of braces other than metal braces  then in this scenario its cost depends on the location and may vary from location to location.

Are braces free in Germany?

Orthodontic treatment is covered by public health insurance up to the age limit of 18 if clinical findings underline a necessary severity.

Are braces covered by health insurance in Germany?

Health insurance in Germany provides coverage for dental procedures. Dental insurance covers the cost of orthodontic treatment if a person is under 21 years of age.

It is important to know the cost of coverage it provides. It provides an amount of coverage up to €150 in the first year and €300 in the first two calendar years combined.

Health insurance in Germany also provides coverage for accidental orthodontic treatment expenses, but it is worth noting that in this situation, orthodontic treatment and its hardware are not covered.

What’s more expensive than braces?

Invisalign is usually more expensive, mainly because of the lab fees. Invisalign requires high-end technology and high-quality materials and is a more expensive treatment than traditional orthodontic procedures. Usually, the average cost of Invisalign is $3000 to $5000.


It is difficult for foreign students to get braces in Germany mainly because they need to learn about the best dental clinics, qualified dentists, and medical resources.

Although all the information related to braces and their treatment is available on the internet, doing accurate research and verifying it is a challenging task; hence it becomes difficult in this task.

The biggest challenge foreign students face is finding orthodontists in their language, which increases their workload.

This article aims to provide sufficient and accurate information for braces to foreign students in Germany.  

The information in this article outlines the various aspects of braces, and it is accurate as well. Using this, foreign students can get good dental treatment by making an accurate plan for their braces.

Thank You.

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